Foundation:Aluminum plate .25" thick provides full support to table. Size is 1-2" larger than bridge diameter.
Pitwall: Aluminum pitwall .25" thick 1.5"-3" talldepending on Scale and size. Fastened to foundation plate to form a very rigid assembly. Pit rail is on ties at the perimeter of pit.
Bridge: Aluminum channel, with EZ-DEX equalized, aluminum bogie trucks, driving at both ends of bridge. Positive bridge rail pickup via live ball bearing bogie trucks. Cast resin deck girder detail.  Atlas 2 or 3 rail track can be installed and wired as an option.
Drives: NEW TWIN MOTOR PROTO-DRIVE w/ EZ-DEX multi position* variable Infra-red indexing w/Dynamic Braking. Smooth move-ment with no jerking, motors are on the bridge ends for realistic action!
NEW- Adjustable main roller bearing supports and turns the heaviest of locomotives with ease!
Add Museum level details, w/wo Electronics
option: Individual planked decks, overhead arch, shanty, handrails, operating signal system, general lighting, and warning strobe on shanty roof!
Paint:Old Concrete pit with black bridge.
Electrical:Fixed 12 VDC power supplysupplied for operation.Reversing switch and momentary "run" switch needed or order Control Panel option.
Fn3 1-20.3 Indoor Turntable w/ 45" Bridge dwarfs N-Scale Bigboy sitting in thepit foreground. Bridge decking and handrails added by AAA for demo purposesand are not included in Turntable prices. This table features our new EZ-DEX Drive which propels the bridge smoothly on the pit-rail via two powered bogie trucks, along with bridge end infra-red indexing!
Standard Detail Level 135' O-Scale "Bigboy" Turntable. Notice the heavy aluminum foundation plate and pit wall assembly. This table was set up for 3-Rail and has Gargraves Phantom track installed on the bridge The colors used what we call "old concrete" which has a slight texture, and a flat black on the bridge assembly and trucks.